Welcome to Progression Counseling Group

in Beachwood, Ohio

Both in-person and teletherapy sessions are available. All staff in office are fully vaccinated. In-person sessions are available to those clients who are fully vaccinated. Those unvaccinated, are welcome to schedule via teletherapy. Teletherapy sessions are provided via a HIPAA secure, telemedicine platform. Clients can join sessions in the comfort of their own private environment and do not need to download anything. Most insurance companies are covering these sessions as they would in office sessions.

Progression Counseling Group provides mental health and substance abuse outpatient services. Individual and group counseling services are available to both men and women as well as youth ages 6 and up. As the practice offers both in-person and teletherapy, services are available to anyone in the State of Ohio. Therapeutic services offered, help individuals relieve pain, address struggles, and improve various aspects of life. Multiple, licensed therapists, offer services at the practice. Therapists work with clients to help help increase self-awareness/insight, facilitate growth, decrease negative patterns of thinking and behavior, and provide tools for better coping, functioning, and problem resolution. The goal is for clients to lead more meaningful and productive lives, and have an increased autonomy and level of functioning. The therapy modalities used by therapists at the practice are all evidence-based and are often integrated and individualized, to meet the client’s self-identified needs.


The practice has therapists who specialize in working with different age groups, as well as different needs. All are experienced working with those who have diverse ethnic and faith backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual preferences. Some areas of expertise include Women's Issues, Child Issues, Adolescent Issues, ADHD, Autism, Depression/Mood Disorders, Previous Incarceration, Difficulty with Relationships, Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health and Substance Abuse), Parenting and Postpartum Issues, Oppositional/Defiant Behaviors, Gay/Lesbian/Trans Issues, Gender Identity Issues, Anxiety, Art Therapy, EMDR, Trauma, Grief/Bereavement, and Suicidal Ideation.


Therapists are non-judgmental, empathic, compassionate, mindful, affirming, sensitive, anti-oppressive, and trauma informed. Our office is LBGTQIA+ allied and is known to be open to all ethnicities, nationalities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, alternative relationship styles, and religious/faith preferences. ALL are welcome, ALL will feel safe.